LUCI is the intelligent operator fit-for-duty technology. LUCI monitors operator fit-for-duty status in real time, analyzes incoming data, and recommends improvements. Continuously.

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Today, 24-hour operations are necessary to meet the demands of an industrialized global economy, but it comes with unique physiological challenges that can impact fatigue, compromise alertness and reduce performance. The consequences are operational, societal and personal.

SIX understands the complexity of fatigue. Utilizing a systems approach, we help organizations assess their current risk levels and implement an effective fatigue risk management system that fosters continuous improvement.

LUCI is the most advanced, non-invasive and objective fatigue monitoring technology in the world, delivering three levels of quantifiable risk mitigation.

LUCI objectively monitors operator fit-for-duty status in real time, all the time. LUCI empowers operators to manage and reduce their own level of risk—the first step in reducing operator risk. Real-time notifications to accountable parties and SIX’s human factor and operational risk analysis provide levels two and three: the clearest understanding of an organization’s fit-for-duty risk.